Fiscal Agent for Nepal


Rotarian volunteers  appointed to maintain  RI  bank accounts in various countries,  to assist clubs in their payments to  Rotary International,  and to assist  RI  in  disbursements within such countries. Fiscal Agents act in accordance with instructions of the General  Secretary.  At  present  Rotary  International  had  appointed fiscal agent in following countries.

  1. Bangladesh 2. Chile 3. Colombia 4. Nepal   5. Pakistan   6. Peru 7. Srilanka   8. Thailand   9. Ukraine  10. Venezuela   11. Ethiopia


There are 3 (three) kinds of mandatory payments to be made by individual Rotary club and/or individual Rotarian. The payments are to be made to:

  1. Rotary International Dues (SAR)
  2. Rotary Club Formation Fee &
  3. Rotaract Club Formation Fee


  • Payments to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) are voluntary.
  • RI Dues & payments to TRF are to be made through Fiscal Agent.
  1. Payments for Rotary International (RI) dues:

The payment is to be made by Demand Draft/Cheque favoring:  ‘Rotary International RI District 3292’

  1. Payments for contributions like: Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member (RFSM), Paul Harris Fellow  (PHF),  Paul  Harris  Society  Member  (PHS),  Major  Donor  (MD)  etc.  and contributions for projects like Global Grants to The Rotary Foundation are to be made by Demand Draft/Cheque favoring: ‘The Rotary Foundation RI District 3292’.

If contribution is for Global Grant, Global Grant number should also be mentioned.

  1. RI Dues known as Semi-Annual Dues (SAR) are paid twice in a Rotary year as under:
  • July SAR - payable within 90 days.
  • January SAR - payable within 90 days
  1. SAR Payments details:
  • USD 35.50 per Rotarian for both July and January SAR
  • Council of Legislation (COL): USD 1.00 per member for July SAR only.
  1. Other kinds of payments to RI:
  • Charter/Admission Free for new club: USD 15 (fifteen) per member with minimum of 25 members.
  1. Payments should be made through Demand Draft/Cheque and must have supporting documents as under:
  • The name of Rotary Club with its ID number
  • The name of individual Rotarian and his/her ID number
  • Copy of RI SAR Invoice
  • Copy of updated Membership List
  • The Fiscal Agent shall issue Receipt against each payment after credit in RI or TRF A/c.
  • The current Rate of exchange for 1 USD = NRP 122.00 and it may be changed any time as per instruction of RI.
  • Payment by Cash are discouraged. However, due to practice of online payment these days, individual Rotary Club and/or Rotarians may deposit cash at: NMB Bank Ltd. at any of its available branch in Nepal at

(a) Rotary International RI District 3292

A/C No. 0010012542200115

(b) The Rotary Foundation RI District 3292

A/C No. 0010012542200065

In such case, the original deposit slip must be sent to RI Fiscal Agent’s mailing address for issuing Receipts and records. ( /

For online Banking depositor's name and Club’s name must mention in the deposit slip for identification.

  1. Mailing details of Fiscal Agent as under:

PDG Yogendra Man Pradhan

Rotary District Office, Thapathali, Kathmandu

Cell: 9851020775