Message from RI Director Dr Mahesh Kotbagi

July 01, 2022
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Rtn. Jitendra Rajbhandary

DGE District 3292

Dear Rotary Leaders,

A New Rotary Year Begins – With Newer Horizons, Newer Themes, Newer Members, More Contributions, And we all pledge again to do Service Above Self and do Good in the World!!!

The  New  Rotary  Year begins with the first-ever lady  President of the  Rotary  International – Jennifer Jones. It begins with promises of a vibrant and diverse future. Imagine, Implement and Inspire will be chanted across the Globe by all Rotarians. It’s a year of Imagining to widen the horizons of Rotary actions of serving humanity across the Globe. As everyone says, we step out, we do things and of course, we are the people who make things happen in our worlds and for our communities. It’s time to imagine of innovative ideas to scale up and give a fresh look to our strategies of working differently, than ever before over seven areas of focus. Let us imagine a larger family with larger participation by Young Rotarians and more Rotractors who will join in, in the mission with newer ideas of effective performance, participations and building a stronger public image through social media presence. Let us imagine a cohesive picture of experience, expertise and enthusiasm flavoring each other to achieve success. Let us use the modern tools effectively such as the virtual meetings and conferences and through apps and blogs and many more.

I am lucky to work under the guidance and support of two great Rotary Global Leaders in Immediate  RI  President  –  Shekhar  Mehta and  RI President-Elect  -  Jennifer  Jones.  Shekhar da has created a special Endowment Fund, inspiring Rotarians to join hands for great humanitarian service projects the world expects Rotarians to do and implement successfully. For Jennifer, we must learn to do things a little bit differently and more authentically.

It is hoped that the world will be certified Polio free from the year 2026. Our mission of raising One Million Dollars each year continues. With Pakistan becoming almost Polio Free, I trust we may achieve our goal much before and Rotary’s dream of 1978 of a Polio Free World may come true. I am confident that all the Rotarians across the World and especially India will support the Polio eradication drive with the same zeal and spirit with which they fought the battle with Covid 19 Pandemic.

Time flies, 26  Years ago  I  was invited to the Rotary organization.  A  novice with no ideas,  just observing the legacy of “ROTARY” and wondering how such a great institute came into existence and remained a World leader for more than a century. In 1998 someone suggested that I should take up the club leadership to which like an innocent child I said “YES”. The club roaster was printed and my name appeared just as this District Directory is printed with your names and photos as Presidents.

This opportunity of Rotary leadership was realized in “Transformation of Lives through Service“.  My memory lane goes back to  RID3130  when our district covered  2/3  of  Maharashtra and thousands of projects were mapped and completed.  It’s amazing to see drought-affected villages and dry lands turning into agro green; children attending schools with smiles; women empowerment;  no more cripples born;  eco-friendly environment;  and many more milestones achieved through the global network of Rotary.

Let me Congratulate Rtn. Jitendra Rajbhandary for getting crowned as District Governor for 2022-23 (RID 3292). I have closely observed his innovative Leadership Qualities and I am confident that he would present one of the most performing years for the District 3292.

He would indeed go a step ahead in supporting other Districts in terms of Programs and Projects. It is encouraging to learn the Agenda of great and innovative Service Projects as also strengthening the District with more Clubs and Members.

Rtn. Amita joins me in extending Best of our wishes for a successful and vibrant year RI 2022-23 for Dist 3292. Under the Leadership of Rtn. Jitendra Rajbhandary. May all his Dream Plans come true.

Let us “Imagine Rotary” Your Own,

RID Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Kotbagi

Dr Mahesh Kotbagi

Rotary International Director 2021-23