Message from RI District 3292 DGN Binod Koirala

July 01, 2023
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Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Congratulations to you all entering into new Rota Year 2023-24 with full of enthusiasm to Create Hope in the World by getting 
involved and taking action at every moment in the World. 

My wife Bibha joins me to congratulate District Governor Rajendra Prasad Dhoju and first 
lady Samira Dhoju for your new role to lead the District 3292. We wish you all the best 
for your admirable leadership to bring the district in a new elevation with remarkable 
achievements. We are very much confident that the year will bring new hopes and ideas to serve our community with amazing fellowship together. 

We would like to express our gratitude and congratulations to IPDG Jitendra B. Rajbhandary 
and madam Sarita for their tireless efforts to take the District to great heights. Their effort to physically visit almost all the clubs in Nepal during the year 2022-23 and motivating Rotarians was an amazing job. During their Governor’s tenure, we had witnessed a number of district and International events with the gracious presence of RI officials which includes Jennifer Jones, RI president for 2022-23. These programs have greatly encouraged and motivated we all Rotarians in the district to do more. 

Rotary International President for 2023-24, Gordon Mclnally has given the annul theme 
“Create Hope in the World” it utterly makes sense, since the World is at a critical moment due to the Covid pandemic, financial recession and arm conflicts in some parts of the World. 
All these causes have forced people suffering with mental health problem. Mental health has remained a taboo in many communities for a long time. RI President has urged all the 
Rotarians around the world to focus the year to fight the stigma around mental health issues and expand access to treatment. Gordon believes Rotary can do something about that and can address mental health needs near and far. Rotarian can advocate for mental health services and can build experts in this space to help expand access to treatment. Furthermore, we can help one another feel more supported as fellow Rotary members and as neighbors. 

As we know, we’re in the last mile of the push toward polio eradication. However, we still have to continue fighting for this until the end otherwise, the whole gain we’ve achieved in the last 30 years could go away in one day. I am sure, we will continue our endeavor in polio in coming year.

Environment is another global issue that we must work together to keep our planet safe and healthy for the generation to come. Clean cooking could be a good project to protect green gas by reducing open and indoor air pollution. The pilot project on electric cooking has been well demonstrated by club(s) in Nepal and it could be replicated in different communities by various clubs within the district and others. Our initiation on safe cooking project have been taken up by ESRAG and other Rotary forums. 

Besides all these common issues, in local context we are still fighting with fundamental needs of our communities such as basic education, primary health care, drinking water and sanitation. We have to continue our efforts in these areas. 

With all our endeavor we must refocus our efforts to build peace across the globe. Let us work together to continue our ongoing best practices and do it better than even before and take new initiations. Together we can strengthen the District’s capacity and extend our supports to activate clubs for better results.
Yours in Rotary

Binod Koirala
District Governor, 2025-26