Membership & New Club Development Month




Chair - District Publication & GML Subcommittee 2024-25

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Greetings! I trust you’ve been enjoying the rainy season and leveraging it to plant trees for the well-being of our environment and the generations to come. This phase provides an excellent opportunity to cleanse our surroundings and breathe in the revitalizing, unpolluted air. It’s a reminder of the harmonious relationship between plants, animals, and the ecosystem. Let’s raise a cheer to your endeavors!

In the realm of Rotary, every instance of community happiness is a cause for celebration. Our genuine commitment to making a positive difference aligns with our broader mission of fostering peace, prosperity, and strong mental health. I’d like to take a moment to congratulate each one of you for executing such valuable projects and generously sharing these uplifting stories with us. It’s indeed an honor to disseminate your news and activities to countless readers and aspiring minds.

August dawns as the ‘Membership Retention and New Club Development Month’. During this time, you’ve not only contributed to society but have also inspired fresh minds to join the Rotary fold. This has significantly contributed to expanding, fortifying, and invigorating our Rotary community. Congratulations to all, particularly to the new members who are now part of our shared commitment to ‘Service above Self’.

As the editor of GML, my objective is to offer you more than just monthly updates. My dedicated team is committed to delivering carefully curated, inspiring, and enlightening content. This content is designed to infuse hope into the world. Please continue supporting us by sharing news, updates, articles, creative expressions, and experiences that cater to the discerning interests of our thoughtful audience.

I’m honored to share that the July issue of GML received an overwhelmingly positive response. We had the privilege of officially launching it at the Membership and Public Image Seminar. Aniruddha Roy Choudhary, the Chief Guest and Rotary International Director for 2023-25, graced the event and even extended his appreciation through handwritten words for our effort. This incredible moment is truly worth celebrating. Thank you for your heartfelt support and well-wishes!

Let’s move ahead together, steadfast in our mission to ‘Create Hope in the World’.

Yours in Rotary,

Rtn. Raj Shrestha
Chair, District Publication and GML Sub-Committee 2023-24
Rotary International District 3292, Nepal-Bhutan